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Scottish independence: Scots government consultation attracts 26,000 views

Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond announced his consultation in January
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More than 26,000 responses were received during the Scottish government’s consultation on an independence referendum.

The figure is higher than the 21,000 the SNP administration estimated on the closing day of the four-month consultation.

People were asked their views on plans to hold a referendum in autumn 2014.

The UK government also held a consultation on the issue which attracted nearly 3,000 responses.

During its two-month seeking of views, the Westminster administration said its responses showed strong levels of support for a single, clear question on independence.

The Scottish government has not yet detailed the nature of its responses but it said more than 160 organisations, including the Scottish Trades Union Congress, Electoral Commission, National Union of Students and Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, had submitted views.

Many of those organisations have already published online what their opinions are.

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What did they say?

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “This is a fantastic response from the people of Scotland, with more than 26,000 contributions to the consultation – over 10 times the number that responded to the UK government’s consultation on the same issue.

“This positive level of response sends a clear signal that the people of Scotland believe the Scottish Parliament is the place to decide the terms and timing of the referendum – and that these should not be imposed by Westminster.

“The responses from organisations already been made public show a lively debate around issues such as whether there should be a second question on the ballot paper.

“They also show support for votes for 16 and 17-year-olds. We set out our preferred question in the consultation document but have always said we would listen to the view expressed in the responses we received.”

Analysis of the consultation, which ended in May, will be completed and published by the government by the end of the summer.

Source:BBC News 15th July 2012