Richer or Poorer

Robert Peston BBC Economics Editor
Robert Peston

A BBC film presented by Robert Peston BBC Economics editor, gave an account of whether Scotland would be richer or poorer if Scotland were to become an independent country.

Quote from Robert Peston

In September 2014, Scotland’s people face a momentous choice: should they remain part of the United Kingdom, or opt for independence? As the debate hots up, Robert Peston asks the big question which is at the heart of it: would Scotland be richer or poorer as an independent nation?

It is a journey which takes him from oil platforms in the North Sea, to the Shetland folk festival, and the high-tech industries of Dundee. He discovers that although money matters, it isn’t the be all and end all. For many, just as important is what kind of nation Scotland wants to be.

For Richer or Poorer   (This is the original link to the clip which may or may not still be functional)

Interviews were recorded with business leaders and academics who gave both sides of the argument for and against Scottish independence.

The conclusion was that Scotland might be slightly poorer if they were to gain independence from the rest of the UK. This could be offset by Scotland exploring other avenues to increase its earning power.

Other implications of social isolation or being a poor country in the eyes of the world powers needs to be considered. The political power of Scotland would be negligible on the stage of world politics .