First Minister’s New Year message

The First Minister [Alex Salmond] on the 31/12/2012 published his New Year message. Highlighting the restoration of free higher education as an example of how an independent Scotland would make a difference to social security and foreign affairs. [full article]. This post addresses the points made by the First Minister from a non political perspective.

…………. Mr Salmond recalled that one of the Scottish Government’s very first decisions, in 2007, was to restore Scotland’s “centuries-old tradition of free education” as he asked people across the country to consider the position if Scotland had had to follow the same route as the rest of the UK.

Full Educational Control

The Scottish Government has full control over Scotland’s education budget. The UK Government reference has no relevance in this context. The First Minister might as well compared Scotland to France!

Now this contrast between what is happening here and what isn’t happening there has only been made possible because it is the Scottish Parliament which runs Scottish education. But let’s imagine what would happen if we didn’t control education or if, as some people suggest, we imposed English-style tuition fees. Numbers at our universities would collapse.  We would be mortgaging our own country’s future.

Scotland has full control over its education – should we really consider English-style tuition fees, when the Scottish Government has already made its decision. The First Minister should be firm in his decision on education and not bring in the English education system in a derogatory way.

“………………. It is what makes it worthwhile to have our own Parliament and it is why the Scottish Parliament is now trusted by almost four times the number of people who trust Westminster.”

The one type of person you should never trust is anyone that says “Trust me”. A trustworthy person, or in this case a Government would have no need to utter those words. One example is Nick Cleggs promise on tuition fees. He will never be trusted again by young voters. The Scottish Government is a few hundred years younger than Westminster and consequently will be putting out a determined effort to getting it right as with any new organisation.

Master of Criticism

One sure way to gain a distrust is to apply criticism of the efforts of others. The First Minister is a master of criticism of Westminster. Read this article posted on site selected randomly & has no affiliation to the author. To quote out of thin air that four times more people trust the Scottish Government is a general statement that you can here in everyday conversation e.g four times more people trust the police, four times more people trust their next door neighbour.

The First Minister invited Scots to consider how they might vote if the referendum in 2014 was for an independent Scotland to give up its independence and hand over powers in areas like welfare or foreign affairs to the Westminster Parliament in London.  Those arguing for such a move would be pursuing “mission impossible” and would be “laughed at from Gretna Green to Dunnet Head,” Mr Salmond continued.

Why Would Scotland Be Any Better

Welfare and foreign affairs have been administered by Westminster for years. Why would an independent Scotland do any better? That’s a much better question that should be addressed by Mr Salmond. He should be making positive statement such as: As the First Minister of Scotland I have managed to raise enough revenue from the Scottish people to improve our welfare system so that it is one of the finest in the world: As First Minister I have a great team in the Foreign Office of Scotland and I am steering them towards a greatness never achieved before in the history of the world. We will be respected in all foreign lands and hold a key position in world affairs.

The author of this article is neither for nor against Scottish independence. This article merely reflects the First Ministers message from a Scottish voters logical view.